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Podium® Triathlon Fullsuit – Exclusively on Amazon!

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WEIGHT:125-135 lbs.135-150 lbs.150-170 lbs.155-175 lbs.170-190 lbs.160-180 lbs.180-200 lbs.
WEIGHT:190-210 lbs.190-210 lbs.210-230 lbs.230-250 lbs.250-270 lbs.270-290 lbs.290-325 lbs.

Thickness 5/3mm

SKU S553MB-35

  1. Designed using a combination of 5/3mm “Ultra Light” Neoprene. The 5mm front chest and leg panels provide ideal swimming positioning in the water, reduce drag, and add inherent buoyancy. The 3mm back panels provide excellent thermal retention, reduced bulk and contribute to overall flexibility and efficient movement. Triathlon swims can be crowed and disorienting. The added buoyancy of this wetsuit will help you maintain your confidence and focus during the swim.
  2. Mid-calf leg openings increase kick efficiency by removing buoyancy in the lower leg. The wider and more generous lower leg opening eliminates heel snag when removing the suit in transition area, speeding your transition and saving valuable seconds.
  3. The Podium® Triathlon Wetsuit is an Exclusive Amazon offering. You will not find this model available from any other retailer.
  4. Soft and ultra-comfortable adjustable neck seals out water and eliminates the potential for scooping and flushing. This keeps you warmer and makes you more efficient, which will help improve your swim times.
  5. The Neo Sport Podium® Triathlon Wetsuit includes our limited one-year warranty.


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