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3/2mm, 5/3mm & 7/5mm Vented Bib Hood

Sizes XS-XXL    Size Chart



NECK:11″13″14″15 1/4″16 1/4″17 1/4″18 1/4″

Measuring heads for hood sizes:

Neck column
The measurement of the circumference of the neck

Head column
If you measure the head in the same way a headband would fit around it, the number you come up with is what you would look up in the ‘Head’ column.

Thickness 3/2mm 5/3mm 7/5mm

SKU SH32N(3/2mm) SH53N(5/3mm) SH75N(7/5mm)

• New design for comfort and function

• Premium neoprene material

• Glued and sewn seams

• Flow Vent™ to minimize ballooning

• Large bib in thinner material

• Trimable skin material face seal

• Anatomical fit